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What is TangoStockholm.se

A way to fast & easy find all tango events in Stockholm.

Why I made this calendar

* Many tango dancers had to search through many websites & Facebook-pages.
* Many organizers and teachers post their events on many different channels to make sure to reach people.

I got irritated when searching for where to go dancing. Scrolling all those groups, feeds and websites just to get to know what options I had. I guessed there was many, many people facing the same problem.

If everyone know they can find everything in one place - then everyone is connected. So I wrote a program to help collected and manage tango events and then posted a list on facebook and on my old domain TangoStockholm.se - to save time for all of you.
After all - tango people want to dance and meet - not waste time in front of computers and phones.

The response from organizers and dancers was huge - so I wasn't alone thinking this was a problem.
It’s still far from perfect and there is still many manual part that can be automated and other thing to be improvement in many ways - But the solution solved the big problem.

So here you are: Find your tango event and then dance in scandinavias tango Mecca.

Micke Falk

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